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Absolut Iconic

Client The Absolut Company
Year 2018

Absolut Vodka has a history of discovering and supporting pioneering designers, artists and magazines at an early stage, helping them to develop and grow.

Studio Bon brought the Absolut Vodka’s fashion collection to life in a contemporary and exciting setting during Fashion Week Stockholm, celebrating the iconic heritage while also turning the gaze towards the future. The concept spanned an omnichannel campaign as well as an exhibition, fashion show, and after party.


Concept, Creative Direction and Production Studio Bon
Naomi Itkes
Set Designer
Lisa Berkert Wallard
Make Up and Hair
Josefina Zarmén, Josefin Gligic
Lydia Ericsson Wärn, Elsa Sjökvist, Cosette Bäckman, Erik Galli, Yngvild Saeter, Jaana Alokski
Ladies Love Hiphop
Runway Photography Mathias Nordgren Steadicam Andreas Hollgren

Studio Bon
Ringvägen 123
116 61 Stockholm
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