Bon Magazine S/S 2015

The new issue of Bon Magazine, which is centred around Poetry, is here!

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Can you find poetry among the spreadsheets? That’s the question everyone needs to ponder in today’s fast and furiously commercial landscape. We believe we must. The poetic is what makes the world human and without it, we might as well be machines. This issue is all about what touches our souls.

From the table of contents:


Hooked on a Feeling. Has Craig Green just saved menswear? Words by Sabrina Shim.

The Power of Pop. Lykke Li, Kendrick Lamar and Jamie xx on their lyrics. Words by Kristofer Andersson.

Selling is not Selling Out. Words by Susie Lau.


Yohji Yamamoto: Rebel Yell. Words by Daniel Björk

Haters Gonna Hate Jonathan Anderson doesn’t care what you think – he is too busy making Loewe relevant. Words by Lou Stoppard. Photography Johan Sandberg Styling Marcus Söder.

The Fashion Review: A Season for Rebirths S/S2015 in six acts. Questions Madelaine Levy Photography Adrian Crispin Answers Sarah Andelman, Jessica Michault, Dana Thomas, Philip Warkander


They Don’t Do it Like My Clique Photography Julia Noni Styling Zara Zachrisson

There is Light Somewhere Photography Johan Sandberg Styling Marcus Söder

Yohji Yamamoto: A Retrospective Photography Dario Catellani Styling Marcus Söder

Is It Before the Crossroads. Photography Boe Marion. Styling Naomi Itkes

And Time Will Have His Fancy Photography Tina Tyrell Styling John Colver

I Spin So Ceaselessly Photography Alessio Bolzoni Styling Mauricio Nardi

There’s a World Where I Can Go and Tell My Secrets To Photography Nicole Maria Winkler Styling Vittoria Cerciello


Your Search for Camille Henrot Has Resulted in the Following Items Words by Stephanie Bailey








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